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We provide farmers real time data analysis about bees’ performance in your crops’ pollination.

Pay for pollination services in relation to performance, size and health of the swarm.


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High performance pollination service can make the difference

By monitoring pollination services we help farmers understand how  the bees they rent are performing. With AI and big-data we work with farmers in order to improve pollination efficiency and increase crop yield.

Plug and Play

Open your app and monitor how bees are performing on your crop – it’s easy and powerful.

Increase pollination performance

Our report will support you with decision making tools to increase the performance of bees.

Protect bees and crops

With BeeSecure you can find stolen beehives and resume pollination immediately. 

Good pollination means better yields

Get our device for your weeks of pollination, test the bees you rent, get data analysis and reports, increase crop yield. Get in touch to discover more and book your free trial with BeeSecure.

How our farmers increase crop production

We know you’re doing your best to provide your crops enough water, high qualify fertilizers, protect them from snow … but for pollination choose to believe in wind or just wild bees. Why let fate decide when you can make sure to get the best? With a modern pollination service you can really see the difference.


more flowers pollinated


increase in crop yield

Stop living in the 4th century

We need to act now to help our environment. We need technology’s help to find new ways to feed a growing global population in new ways that respect nature, bees, and our land. By monitoring bees we want to build a new way of living and build a new relationship between humans and bees: we just need to start listening to each other.

A new way to farm while respecting nature

Thanks to our data we help reseachers develop new chemical products that respect and do not harm bees, at the same time we help bees do their best for your crops.

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